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We develop and deliver marketing strategies and multi-channel marketing programs. Our team believes in “hands-on” project management. You can expect their active involvement in developing the very best solutions to achieve your specific marketing goals.

Our “hands-on” staff:

Linda E. Kelley


“We’re happy when you’re happy.”

Linda is a media veteran with over 20 years of marketing experience. In a career that includes copywriting, sales training, and media sales, Linda worked her way up at two major market newspapers, The Des Moines Register and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Her experience gave her solid insight into true customer service. So solid, in fact, that she recognized customer needs that went beyond just the sale of one project.

Linda started CB/m in order to help her clients with everything from planning and budgeting to executing integrated marketing programs. Now, CB/m serves a broad range of clients in the Twin Cities area – large and small – developing exceptionally effective marketing strategies…on time and on budget!

“One of the things I love about this business is that it’s always new. Many of the core marketing and advertising principles stay the same, but each day we meet a new client with a new product or service who presents us with a fresh challenge. That’s what keeps this business fun and that’s what makes it so rewarding when we see results.”

“Customer service and experience makes us different,” says Linda. “We’re good people. We like to have fun and get to know our clients as well as their businesses. With our combined experience, we’ve pretty much seen it all. We know what works and we’re here to help. Experience is definitely power.”

Lynn Adler

Vice President of Sales

We can make life easier for you.”

Lynn Adler is co-founder of CB/m. She began her career building management skills in the restaurant industry and moved towards media sales. Like Linda, Lynn was in sales at the Minneapolis Star Tribune and shared the vision to do more for clients of all shapes, sizes and budgets.

“I saw a need for small businesses in the Twin Cities beyond just marketing ad services. These businesses needed help, and big agencies tended to pass them over,” says Lynn. “At CB/m we’ll work with budgets of any size. Although we work with all size clients now, we never forget where we came from. We started with those mom and pop businesses, and we still enjoy working with them.”

Lynn’s management and sales expertise is an asset at CB/m. “Marketing is marketing is marketing – you need to consistently let potential customers know who you are, what you do and how to find you. It’s that simple, and that difficult.”

Cindy Amundson

Senior Account Executive, Account Services

“People don’t work with companies. People work with people.”

Cindy brings a degree in graphic design, experience at one of Washington DC/Baltimore’s largest newspaper advertisers, and a sales career at Dunn and Bradstreet to CB/m. Her business-to-business knowledge is a tremendous asset to the agency. To our clients, Cindy is the fine tooth comb of CB/m; proofing, editing, and using her creative skills to help our clients visualize and communicate their vision and goals.

Cindy personifies the CB/m personal approach. “I love working directly with clients to get the most out of any project,” says Cindy. “CB/m is all about value added service. It’s what sets us apart. Beating a deadline, staying within budget and ultimately getting results for our clients is what we’re about…because our client’s success is our success.”

Joe Zaremba

Creative Director/Graphic Designer

“It’s more than a job… it’s an addiction to the visual arts!”

Joe thrives on variety and deadlines; two staples of any good design career. Joe brings his own array of client experience to CB/m as a designer in the past for ShopNBC, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Bozeman, Montana and a tidy list of freelance clients ranging from Lifetime Fitness to Best Buy and Northern Tool.

“I seek out change and variation in my design and photography work. A company like City’s Best allows me to work with many different clients and products. I enjoy the camaraderie and humor at City’s Best. It’s this kind of work environment that fosters creativity for any task.”

At CB/m, Joe spends his time designing, managing workflow and coordinating all aspects of the print/digital production process. Joe also brings his illustrating and photography talents to the firm. When he’s away from work you’ll probably find him outdoors shooting photos, hiking, camping and biking. Catch him if you can.

Lori Swetala


“What makes your business tick?”

Lori also brings over 20 years in a wide range of industries to the CB/m table. From a starry-eyed marketing intern to Senior Copywriter, Lori has worked in some of the Twin Cities’ largest and smallest companies. Contrast Honeywell, 3M, Ecolab, Boston Scientific with small organizations like Canine College or Mount Calvary Lutheran School in Richfield, MN.

Her experience as an account manager before working with City’s Best gives her an eye for the strategy behind each project.

“I have an insatiable curiosity, so I truly do enjoy getting to know so much about so many businesses,” says Lori. “I’ve dug deep into the engineering of building control systems, and I’ve worked on names for new Haagen Dazs® ice cream flavors…and everything in between. Business-to-business or consumer, it’s all just translating your message into the language of your target audience to make a win-win connection.”

“I enjoy the fact that CB/m is about relationships first. The results always follow.”

Linda Busby Selsmeyer

Graphic Designer

“It’s not about me.”

“I never embrace a project with the mindset of ‘How many bells and whistles can I incorporate into the piece to win an award?’ because it’s not about me. It’s about you and your product/service and delivering the right ‘vehicle’ to convey your message. And when we do win an award, it just reaffirms our process.”

Before teaming with City’s Best Marketing, Linda was a Senior Art Director with a graphic design firm and Creative Director for a Midwest publishing company. She is a degreed designer who enjoys every aspect of design. Attention to detail, skillful use of color and typography, and impressive technical skills necessary for utilizing today’s advanced computer applications are only a few qualities Linda brings to our client’s projects. From corporate and brand identity development, to packaging, web design, direct response and more, Linda has delivered a wide array of successful, award-winning designs that help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Asta Niebeling

Graphic Designer

“Design works best when it’s solving problems.”

From a humble start in high school yearbook to the full array of clients we serve at CB/m, Asta gives all of her creative energy to every project.

While working on her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design at Northwestern College, Asta worked for one of CB/m’s clients. “I saw first-hand how well CBM partnered with their clients. When it was time to graduate and get a “real” job, CB/m was the first place I applied.”

A perfectionist at heart, Asta shares the drive to provide nothing but the best for our clients. “At CB/m we genuinely want to see our clients succeed, and we’re willing to put in the time and effort to help that happen.”

Isaac Niebeling

Web Designer

“Isaac the Web Guy.”

Whatever your website needs to do, Isaac is the one to make it happen. Unusual for many web creatives, Isaac has a knack for both the visual design aspect and the more technical coding of the behind-the-scenes functionality. The “beauty and the brains” behind a website, Isaac provides the structure, creativity and direction for all of our client’s online efforts.

Isaac has been creating websites since junior high and worked as the “Web Specialist” for a national church denomination/organization before joining the CB/m team.

“I enjoy tracking with the constantly changing web design landscape. CB/m allows collaboration with an excellent creative team that conveniently also includes my wife.” When Isaac is not piecing together a web puzzle, you can find him biking on and off-road any season of the year.

Ali and Stella

Furry Friends

While we’d like to say these “gals” are invaluable guard dogs or creative muses, the truth is we just love having them around. If you’re not a dog person, let us know and we’ll put extra naptime measures into place before you arrive.